Sail and Share فكرة على فلوكه

Sail and Share فكرة على فلوكه

Imagine Sailing on the Nile, using the wind to carry you from Islands to Villages. Each night you sleep on the river, after dining together with those you meet along the way.

At each location there will be the opportunity to exchange knowledge with the residents. You will teach them something, they will teach you something. Should you wish, you can start Mutual Collaborations and work together. People we meet along the way will be invited to join us. Everyone is equal, everyone has something they can contribute.

In between as we travel, you can continue to share on the boats, you can begin projects together. You can even customise the felucca’s improving comfort, and environmental/social benefit.

This is a chance to connect as equals, to spark ideas for Social Businesses or Mutual Development. To learn, to teach, to share.

On the boats will be Egyptians, and other global citizens. We will share our food, our knowledge, our passions.

The festival will take place from the 19th – 23rd November 2013,, beginning on Elephantine Island in Aswan.

Click here to get involved.


The Felucca Festival is an experiment conducted as a part of the icehubs network

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