Recycled Bottle Catamaran made from waste bottles, greed (palm fronds), bags and string


Inspired by pictures from bottle boats around the world, and the energy of the Felucca Festival, Egyptians from Alexandria to Aswan and everywhere in between came together to build a Bottle Catamaran.


A shared vision, combining skills and talents, ranging from Engineers to Felucca Captains, with many hands and minds in the mix.


Mohamad Gad, an Engineer from Alexandria provided the core design, inspired by Mostafa Mahmoud, who had organised collection of materials from the island. Together with the other participants of the festival from all over Egypt and the world.


The Felucca Captains from the island added their sailing knowledge and skills into the mix to construct a sail, and rudder design. Oars were made from palm fronds, using the natural forms provided by the palms.


The end result was a true collaboration through action, each participant providing something, whether lending a hand to finish the construction, or adding to the design with their own knowledge.


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