Pallet Furniture



Festival Project: Education Toy Making

Can we develop toys from the trash that teach kids about core agricultural principles, green energy solutions, irrigation methods etc?

It’s possible to make a simple irrigation model using a shisha pipe, some palm fronds and waste paper, an egg cooker from tin foil and cardboard, what else can we build with the kids and village to show them the possibilities of simple science techniques that they could scale to improve their situation?

Email or Text “Toys” to 0102 7890037 to join in and experiment.

Festival Project: Art and Craft Activities with Island Kids


At the last festival participants made Puppets, Origami Windmills, Planes, Papier Mache, Tie Die, and various other activities with the island.

Email or Text “Kids Workshops” to 0102 7890037 to join in and share your skills with the kids on the island.



Festival Project: First Aid Basics

Medical services on the island are pretty limited, especially since the doctor for the island doesn’t even bother to show up for work (or at least that’s what we’re given to understand). Basics of first aid is critical knowledge for the island.

If anybody wants to try and design some Palm frond crutches and other inaccessible medical supplies to go with it, then even better.

Email or Text “First Aid” to 0102 7890037 to help share knowledge on first aid.


Festival Project: Trash to Treasure


Already we have turning plastic bags into laptop cases and other products, what else would you like to innovate with the islands waste?

Email or Text “Trash to Treasure” to 0102 7890037 to join in and innovate valuable products from the abundant trash resources.

Festival Project: Learn to Sing with Mama Cousins

The talented Mama Cousins is flying over to Aswan especially to take part. On the day we married she made us all blub with this beautiful piece (don’t know if accessible outside facebook).

She’s offering to teach simple harmony songs for the wedding. Hopefully this will merge with some Nubian Drumming, and lead to some intercultural compositions. If we’re lucky she may even compose a piece of her own, the piece above is an example of this.

Email or Text “Sing with Mama C” to 0102 7890037 to join in.