Felucca Festival 2: A Marriage of Makers – 26-30 March 2014

لللغة العربية، اضغط هنا


Felucca festival 2: A marriage of makers

At the first Felucca Festival we used some aspects of Nubian Wedding Traditions to promote the festival.

A Nubian Wedding is a great example of community, collaboration and making a celebration together

During the festival I (Jay) met Zeinab and we fell in love. We are now married and will be celebrating our Love at the second Felucca Festival.

For those who don’t know us we want this to be a celebration of Love, Sharing, and Making things together so while we are personally inviting many, even those who don’t know us are welcome to attend if you share the right spirit. We invite you to celebrate your own Love with us also, whether it be your passion, your partner or your Love for Life.

Below is a list of activities we would like to see happen. But feel free to propose your own. If you want to receive something in return for your workshop, then please set a price during application. You are responsible for registration, and collection of funds from participants.

Not all of this may happen, but last time we discovered that some of the ideas we had became a reality. You have the chance to make it happen. Just find people, get the knowledge online (or bring what you know), and do it. I’ve added links here for inspiration.

Customise our Little Eco House Boat

Our dream is to convert this boat to an example of living simply, well and without harming the environment. Something that can inspire both locals and outsiders, to show that it’s possible to live well and live sustainably at the same time.

DIY outboard motor or Build a giant pop pop motor
Solar Roof and battery array
Drip Feed Irrigated Roof Garden
Bottle Lights

Solar Shower
Upcycled water pump
Composting Toilet – Portable

Upcycled candle holders
DIY washing machine
Soap alternatives and “Nile Neutral” cleaning products

If you choose to do any of the above there is a nominal materials budget available. If you wanted to get us something for our future together then please feel free to contribute to this materials budget here, any extra will go towards projects below.

Activities for nubialin
Help us establish a beautiful environment to live in that inspires the rest of the island?

Box Garden Workshop – work with recycled wooden pallets and recycled shisha pipes to make a drip feed irrigated garden.
Biogas – how can we hack the old sewage storage to make a ……………. system for turning organic waste into biogas using locally available materials?
Renewable Energy Street Lighting
Container Garden
Tools Library
How to Library – in Arabic
Skills Exchange Library
Mesh Network and Internet
Open Source Kitchen
Workshops to create a comfortable space
Vertical Garden
Eco-building construction
Bottle Boat Mk. 2

Activities for the Island/Aswan?
Each of the above is also intended to inspire the island and encourage participation with the Locals. Below are some further activities

Litter clean up – linked to recycling workshop?
Activities with the kids – Upcycling, music, making own toys
Lampshades and Island Decoration – Help make the island magical
Activities that encourage local knowledge exchange
Learning from the Locals
Cinema al Nile – a cinema, on a boat

Activities for the marriage of makers celebration?
Music exchanges, Jam sessions and open mike
Instrument making – from fruit or recycled materials
Recipes exchange – Cooking together throughout the day
Intercultural dance workshop
Fancy dress improvisations – using upcycled materials?

Anything you may care to add, improvise or create at the festival – feel free.

Email Jay or Zeinab to help us with planning numbers or text ff – plus name, and what you’d like to make happen/take part in to Jay @ 01027890037 at least 1 week before the event. If you confirm attendance less than 1 week before we will still try to accommodate you, but no guarantees.

Costs and Links for accommodation etc, will be posted shortly, as well as recreation options. We will provide food for the celebration day, but we’ll be doing it “Nubian Style” – ie. everyone lends a hand, if you want to share some recipes then please let us know.


What to bring

Mosquito Repellent
Sun Cream
Sleeping Bag
Warm clothes (for nights)
Light clothes (for days)
Tools and materials for what you want to do
Changes of underwear, toothbrush etc. (As little as possiple)
Recipes, Songs, Instruments, ideas, and a desire to actively connect with people and make positive things happen.
Your playful self

Where to stay?

We will be setting up a boat hostel here for the festival. Shared separate spaces for men and women will be available for 55 LE (including fool and tameiya breakfast), this includes a small contribution to the organising team if you enjoy yourselves please make a donation at the event) and private spaces from 150 LE (Please confirm with us if you’re coming asap to reserve a space). You are also free to find your own accommodation, but we’d recommend staying on Elephantine island (village) so we also contribute to the local economy rather than Hotel chains where possible.

For those who have a limited budget, but with awesome skills, please contact me directly to see what we can do.

Getting here
For those travelling within Egypt we have some travel budget available for Bus, or Train tickets – contact Jay for details (first come first served)

Here is how to get to Elephantine island and to the festival;

If you’re coming from the airport;
You take a taxi to kentucky KFC the junk food place @ el kornish. I think the cab should cost around 60 pounds.
If you’re coming from the train station;
Take a taxi to KFC and it should cost 10 pounds max.

When you reach kfc, you ask about the ferry boat (el me3adeya) that goes to Elephantine Island (Aswan island). It’s very close to kentucky. There after you go down the stairs to the ferry boat, it will either be there waiting for ppl to get in or ppl will be waiting for it to come. Usually women sit at one side and men sit at one side (at both; the waiting chairs & on the ferry itself). After you reach the island, you can ask for directions going to Ashraf Serageldin’s place at the river side where the festival is & the boats. Or you can also call Ashraf ‘Rasta’ 01009257790 or Darsh 01060553605.


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