Challenges and Opportunities

Please consider these challenges when thinking about your workshop

How do we build resilient income streams not dependent on Tourism?

How do we use waste on Elephantine island (and other communities) to the benefit of the island?
Bottles, crisp packets, cans, palm fronds, plastic bags, palm leaves, old pottery.

How can resources of the island and Aswan be used to improve the quality of life?

How do we encourage sharing of resources for collective benefit?

How do we exchange information across language barriers?
Some Aswanis and Nubians speak great English, others little or none. How do we address this?

Workshops it would be good to include.

Furniture design
Agricultural exchange
Agricultural tools
Labour saving devices (eg. DIY washing machine)
Energy generation projects
Design new products with traditional crafts
Educational workshops for kids

These are for provocation purposes only, feel free to add.